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Saffron 59 Catering is New York City's premier caterer and event planner specializing in Southeast Asian cuisine. For over 11 years, Saffron 59 has successfully orchestrated memorable affairs with attention to every detail.


The Art of Throwing a Party

Irene Wong


Almost anyone can throw a party - but what can you do to make your event a truly memorable experience?

1. Plan it out.

This is obvious - however, it is easy to push off, especially if you're a busy person. As we approach the holidays, deciding a party theme can be both fun and stressful since it requires some planning and organizing. No matter the size, it's important to plan things out ahead of time so the event runs smoothly and everyone is basically guaranteed to have a great time.

2. Invite talkers (extroverts).

We love introverts. They have a tendency to keep drama to a minimum. But we value extroverts equally as much for their social vibrancy and ability to keep conversations going. Inviting a "Marilyn Monroe" or a "Madonna" will add a little flare to your event and balance the energy and openness.

3. Invite people in common circles.

Your guests should know at least two other guests - you don't want anyone to walk into a room full of strangers.

pic holiday 2015 blogpost .jpeg

4. Have diversity.

While you do want guest to know a few others, if everyone at the party already hangs out in other places, it can be boring. By having diversity in your guest list, you have a greater chance at networking and interchanging different perspectives and ideas.

In reference to a throwback memory of one of my most upbeat parties, my guests greatly varied in age and background: My teenage god-daughter Julie, Brazilian conversationist Antonio, a rope performer with 13 years of bartending experiences, my 72 years old retired athlete neighbor, and my friend David and his family visiting from Chiang Mai....This made for an exciting yet warm, festive event.

5. Turn up the atmosphere, and turn down the gadgets.

The right decor and music can take your party to another level by heightening our visual and auditorial senses. The overall style of your event is one of the best things you can enhance to make your party memorable.

And yes, do give your guests a friendly reminder to keep gadget use down so you can fully enjoy spending time with each other in person. It's always a good idea to have photos and selfies, but when you're glued to your phone or table at all times at a party, the party experience can become, well, less of an experience.


6. Document the experience.

Nevertheless, photos can help us remember things better. If you see a photographer at the event and they are open to photographing you, definitely ask if they can photograph what you desire. Most people are afraid of 'pestering' photographers as they are usually all over the place, but many times they will be glad to get a shot of you or specific decor, and it will likely end up being forwarded to your host so you can access it later.

And of course, in case you can't get a specific shot via the photographer, remember to get it on your phone or personal camera. Your future self and your social media circles might just thank you.

7. Have some back up ideas handy for the after-partiers.

At one of parties we had, what was supposed to be just an early dinner party turned into an after midnight-scene. We ended up ordering pizza out of spontaneity, now that's a sign of hosting a great party!!!

There you have it - the 7 essentials of creating a memorable party experience for your guests and yourself. Happy Holidays from Saffron59! Thank you, David Jacobson, owner of Smalls, neighborhood hangout jazz bar and founder of Q Bar in Bangkok, Thailand, for providing us a few nice shots.