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59 4th Ave
New York, NY, 10003


Saffron 59 Catering is New York City's premier caterer and event planner specializing in Southeast Asian cuisine. For over 11 years, Saffron 59 has successfully orchestrated memorable affairs with attention to every detail.

Sample Wedding Menus

Chinese Wedding Banquet

Berkshire Pulled Pork with Shanghai Buns

Chinese Style Roast Suckling Pig served with Scallion Ginger Dip and Shanghai Buns

Eight Treasures with Crabmeat, Scallop and Shrimp in Vegetable Broth

Sliced Abalone Sea Cucumber and Baby Shanghai Vegetables

Beef Tenderloin with Shiitake Mushroom, Shallots and Water Chestnut

Wok seared Chicken with Orange Peels, Dried Red Peppers and Honey Walnut

Stuffed Pork Loin with Mustard Greens Smothered with Hoisin and Shaoxing Wine

Chinese Seafood with Szechuan Red Peppers and Roasted Garlic in Crispy Basket

Saffron 59’s Buddhist Delight
(Chinese Mushroom, Buddha Gourd, Wood Ear Mushroom, Smoked Tofu)

Maine Lobster with Black Bean and Spring Onion

Steamed Whole Stripe Bass with Julienned Ginger

Seared Diver Scallops and Large Shrimps with Honey Glazed Walnuts

Double Happiness Fried Rice with Sweet English Peas and Chive Buds

Fresh Longevity Noodles with Asian Mushrooms and Yellow Chives
(traditional in a celebration as symbol for long life)

Silk Road Wedding

Moroccan-Style Lamb Meatballs with Cumin, Paprika Dusted with Parsley

Classic Filipino Calderata with slow cooked goat and Yukon potatoes

Roast Lemongrass Chicken with Caramelized Onion and Red Dates

Chicken Curry with Kashmiri chili spices with fennel, coriander, cloves

Mekong-style Meatballs with Minced Lemongrass and Spring Onion

Slow-Simmered Kerala Lamb with Green Chilies, Curry Leaves and Ginger

Filipino Lechon Roast Suckling Pig served with Liver Vinaigrette Sauce

Indonesian Beef Rendang with Mixed Spices such as Clove, Cardamom, Bay Leaves, Cumin and Turmeric
(as featured on

Burmese Cod Fish Curry with Reduction of Tomato and Coriander Sauce
(Irene’s Aunty Recipe, featured on

Seared Singaporean Rice Noodle with Choy Sum Vegetable and Serrano Chile Pepper

Red Wild Rice Pilaf with Fragrant Jasmine Rice in Coconut

~ Desserts ~

Warm Chocolate Molten Cake with Kamquat served with Berry Compote

Black Rice Pudding with Tropical Fruits and Coconut Sauce

Mini Caramelized Caneles with Chocolate and Lemon Flavors

Crispy Banana Wrapped in Thin Crepe with Chocolate Sauce

Red Bean Soup with Tapioca Pearls and Coconut Milk

Ube Ice Cream topped with Red Mango Beans


Asian Wedding Banquet style menu can be customized.


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